Replacement of Industrial Components using Additive Manufacturing: A Case Study

Don Yeh | July 27, 2023, 11:09 a.m.

Replacement of Industrial Components using Additive Manufacturing: A Case Study.

Repairing and maintenance of highly specialised industrial machinery can be difficult and costly at the best of times. Locating and acquisition of specific components is, under many circumstances, time consuming, not financially feasible or simply downright impossible. Instead of consigning an entire system to obsolescence, additive manufacturing can present a viable and cost-effective alternative in sourcing critical parts. For any functional, purely mechanical component, PrintGig is able to provide a solution.

This is a two-step process: replicating the component utilising 3D software, and manufacturing the component using materials appropriate to its functionality. The design step of this process can be completed via measurement of the physical part, with a high level of dimensional accuracy. This is then replicated by our internal design team utilising 3D design software, with individual aspects able to be printed and tested to ensure the design is fit for purpose.

The design is followed by the manufacturing process, which begins with material choice. PrintGig works with a wide range of high-end polymers which exhibit many different materialistic properties, making each suitable for specific applications. From durability to rigidity, temperature to chemical resistance, our consultation process assists in identifying needed properties and acceptable trade-offs and selects a material accordingly. The process is finished off though manufacturing and post processing, ready for installation.

One of PrintGig’s clients required such a replacement component for an industrial processing machine. With alternatives not available in an acceptable timeframe, PrintGig’s additive manufacturing became their best option. We were able to replicate and test the component, identify the most appropriate material and manufacture the final part within a short timeframe.

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